Meet Lily
 Mmmmm I love.....​​
  Panty facesitting & smothering
  Wrestling in my panties
  Bare pussy facesitting and smothering
  Schoolgirl pinning
  Smothering with my bottom
  Soft, sexy, silky panties
  Flirty skirts
  Fantasy role play
  Jeans facesitting
  Pantyhose facesitting
  Pantyhose smothering
  Facesitting in tight leggings
  Lacy, frothy petticoats
  Sexy judo holds  
  Sleeper holds
  Sexily bullying a man until he gives in
  Making a man submit with judo
  Having my feet worshipped
Hi I'm Lily. I have always been turned on by pinning a man down, sitting on his face, smothering him and dominating him.

Back in high school I spent most lunch hours on top of a boy, usually one of the jocks. I'd keep him in a tight schoolgirl pin and sit on his neck with his chin pushing into my pussy. Of course I wore soft white schoolgirl panties under my tartan or plaid uniform skirt which was always much shorter than the rules allowed.

After a while I'd gradually move forward and sit on his chin, then his mouth until his nose pushed into my pussy. How would you feel if that was you; flat on your back with me sitting on your face looking down at you and teasing you. If one of my girlfriends came over to talk, I would spread my tiny skirt over your face and all you could do is listen to us giggling about you while you lay there.

Under my skirt you'd smell all of the scents from my pussy while I gently wriggled on your face as I got hornier and hornier. Pity help you if I had no lessons straight after lunch because I'd stay right on your face and you'd miss a lesson.

You'd get back to your class late, with a big boner and your face smelling of my schoolgirl pussy. What good old days!

And I have never stopped. These days my man spends half his life flat on his back with me sitting on his face doing exactly as I want. Just as it should be.

I get very turned on by wrestling him down and then gradually breaking him until he is unable to resist me and I can have my way. I can use painful wrestling and Judo holds to weaken his shoulders and arms or a sexy sleeper hold to knock him out. I can tightly pin him and sit on his face and smother him until he has no strength left or get his head between my strong warm thighs and scissor him until he is groggy or passes out.

Of course, sometimes I just want to sit on his face so I just tell him to lie down on the floor. He knows better than to resist when I'm in that mood!

I always win and end up with my victim flat on his back in a tight schoolgirl pin with me sitting on his face, his nose pushing the gusset of my panties into my pussy and my bottom cheeks around his mouth. He can't move, can't breathe and I often keep him like that for hours, using his face for my own pleasure while he fights to get an occasional breath so he can stay conscious.

I think I'll go find him right now!

Love, Lily  xxxxxx
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I receive lots of nice comments and here's one that I loved:
The best way I can sum you up is, if there was an olympic medal for SGP and Facesitting you are the favourite to win gold.

What's your fancy?