Female Domination, Victory Poses and Various Fetishes

It is natural for a woman to be on top of a man. To show him who is in charge and to put him in his place. Like any red blooded, highly sexed woman I love showing a man who's boss.
Dominating him, beating him up, tormenting him, torturing him, taunting him, tying him up, twisting his mind and body, hitting him, pinching him, scratching him, bending him, putting him in painful holds, forcing him to groan, smothering him, making him smell my feet or my pussy or my bottom, making him lick my feet or my pussy or my bottom, making him lick and suck my sweaty toes and the dirty soles of my feet. 
Knocking him out in sleeper holds, hogtying him, using him, teasing him and stopping, laughing as he suffers underneath me, slapping his face, pulling his hair. These are all things that I love doing to a man. Hearing him moan as I torture him makes me wet and horny, hearing him beg me to let him give in and then laughing at him makes me wetter and hornier. Using his face to cum on him when I've broken him and then smothering him unconscious as his reward. He's just a man, it's what he deserves. 
And of course there are little male dolls, representatives of the male gender. They deserve being humiliated and squashed under my pussy and bottom before being placed under a board or a heavy book and being crushed as I wriggle my bottom and pussy on top of them. 
If you like being humiliated or embarrassed my POV diaper discipline videos will fulfil your needs too.
Lily's PantyFacesitting and Wrestling

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Lily's Victorious And He's Tied Up  
My victim is tied up on the floor as I enter the room. I’m going to victory pose all over him so I kick him to rouse him. I’m wearing a skin tight yellow mini dress with very sheer, very shiny pantyhose over brilliant white silky panties with lovely lace panels. On my feet are a pair of patent leather stilettos, oh so shiny.

I love victory posing on a beaten and broken man who can only lie there and helplessly look up at me as I do so. His humiliation starts with me standing astride his chest and flexing my biceps while I taunt him. I work out regularly so I have pretty decent arms and I delight in intimidating him like this. Then I stand beside him with my stilettoed foot on his chest while I flex again. I tell him to look up at me standing over him, stronger than him. He looks up into my eyes but can’t resist looking at the tiny gusset of my pantyhose which is starting to become damp as I become aroused.

More taunting follows as I move down his body and grind my foot into his balls with my hands on my hips as I sneer down at him. Then I flex again as I look at the camera while my victim looks up at me. There is so much I want to do to humiliate him and I walk up and stand astride his chest again before lowering myself until I’m sitting full weight on his face with the gusset of my pantyhose pressing on his nose. I sit like this, smothering him with my arms resting on my knees in a delightfully casual manner before taunting him as I pose with my arms flexed.

Next I sit astride his face in a very sexy schoolgirl pin smother and flex until my biceps and triceps bulge as he looks up past my pussy. I follow this by wriggling my pussy on his face and because I’m feeling so horny I can’t resist posing for a glamour shot as I look into the camera and tease.

More posing with my stiletto crushing his cock and balls follows because I know how humiliating this is for a man. To have a strong, sexy woman standing over him crushing his manhood shows him his place and I love that! But I’m not finished with his face and neck and I push my stiletto onto his throat with the long, pointed heel menacingly pushing into it.

Then I slip a shoe off and rub my sweaty, stockinged foot on his face before forcing it into his mouth and making him suck my toes. To really rub it in, I flex my arms and look down and taunt him as I so thoroughly humiliate him. He has to lie there with the taste of my foot in his mouth while he looks up with his gaze torn between my face and my pussy. Both are symbols of feminine superiority above him.

More humiliation follows as I lower myself and sit with my bottom on his face in a sexy ass smother. While I taunt him that he has to smell the scents of my bottom, I flex my biceps over him and laugh at him. I stand up and smooth my tiny dress down over my bottom as I continue to laugh down at him.
Then there’s time for a little more stilettoed foot on chest with arms flexed in classic superior position as I finish taunting him, then I walk out leaving him tied up on the floor for future use.
Price: $14.99 USD
Length: 14 minutes
Size: 407 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Humiliating Your Balls with My Feet  

This is a custom video and here’s what my customer asked for followed by what he said when I completed the video.

POV vid, only you. You are sitting on the sofa, with your legs and feet very visible. You will be telling me that you are my boss, black belt in karate, and you gonna play with me. So you will invite me and my wife to dinner at a restaurant, and during that dinner you gonna seduce me by teasing me with your bare foot under the table, so my wife wouldn’t notice anything.

You will describe how you gonna slip your shoe off, and how you will be giving me a footsie while talking about teasing me under the table. You will be enlisting particular parts of my body you gonna touch with your foot and how will you touch my thighs, then my crotch, my balls and my cock, and the camera will be focused on your face (licking lips) and on your foot.

You will be showing how you gonna move that foot and caress me.  You will laugh and tell me that I’ll be at your mercy - there will be nothing I could do to not to be turned on by your dangerous karate foot  and that at the end, you gonna tell in sexy and dangerous way, that when my wife finds out what happens, she will be mad at you, and then you gonna give her a lesson.

You will describe how you stand up, stand before her, kick her right in her crotch with your bare foot, describe how you gonna feel about that... and then you tell that you gonna put your sweaty, stinky foot on her face, to show her her place. And then you gonna stick your sweaty foot in her mouth. Please wear a businesswoman`s outfit with bare legs and bare feet. Black or red toenail polish.

This is the email from him when he received the finished video.

Dear Lily!
OMG, its sooo hot! You are a Goddess! I was so turned on that I almost let it go... 
I feel like I am totally in your power, and my wife is nothing compared to you... I’ll enjoy that video many, many times.
And I know I’ll be coming back for more vids, because you are so divine!!!
Thank you, thank you!!!

​I love turning my customers on!
Price: $5.99 USD
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 140 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Victory Poses By Catwoman  
Catwoman’s got him and she’s showing off and posing all over him.

It starts with her victim on his hands and knees with a rope around his neck. Catwoman stands with a crop in her hand and her foot on his back. She then sits side-saddle on him before putting him in a standing headscissor and while she crushes his head between her strong thighs, she flexes her arms. Some taunting follows before she pushes him flat on his stomach with her crop.

Various demeaning poses follow as she stands with her booted foot on his back showing off her biceps while she flexes or presses her boot into the back of his head while she pokes him with her crop. Then she takes advantage of his prone position and sits on his back and menaces him with her crop across his throat.

Next, she stands with her foot on his balls and taunts him while she poses for the camera. A facesit and a flex in that most feminine superior position follow before she stands over him and taunts him. The classic victory pose of foot on chest and arms flexed is next to highlight his beaten position.

Being Catwoman, she can’t resist putting her foot on his balls again and flexing her powerful arms over him while she talks down to him. He’s made to roll onto his stomach again so she can demean him further while she poses first with her foot on his back and then sitting on the back of his head, with a very superior smile on her face, arms flexed and knees spread so her aroused pussy can press on his head.

To complete his humiliation and completely emphasise her superiority, she tells him she’s going to take him home and cage him so she can play with him as she wishes. A tap of her crop on him and he’s told to get back on all fours before she leads him out by pulling on the rope around his neck and walking off.
Price: $13.99 USD
Length: 13 minutes
Size: 360 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
​The Victorious Ballerina
I am a ballerina just finishing practice. The ballet director has been rude so I had to beat him up. This video shows me celebrating my victory over him. Of course, I’m wearing traditional ballet clothing of a white leotard with fine white pantyhose and a tutu plus ribboned satin ballet pointe shoes.

The video starts with me squatting fullweight on his chest talking down to him after his beating. Then I stand and pose over him with my foot on his chest in a classic ballet pointe. Next, I move to his head and stand with my feet either side of it, tainting him as I flex my arms in a perfect victory pose. While I’m there I go up on full pointe with my feet framing his loser face.

Now it’s down his body and I push my foot into his balls. A ballet pointe shoes has a solid wooden block inside the end and he squirms as I shove this into his balls. I move up his body and place my foot on his chest for another pose before again pointing my foot into him as I flex over him.

I rub my shoe over his face and then push it into his mouth which is forced open to accommodate it and I taunt him as I do. A reverse squat on his face with his nose in my bottom is followed by me sitting astride his chest, spreading out my tutu and flexing once more. Such a sexy sight! I can’t resist moving forward to sit on his face for another pose and he has to look up at me flexing while he can smell my victorious pussy on his face.

Back on his chest with my legs akimbo in a fullweight chest sit and, of course some flexing. I can hear him groan under me as I drive the wind out of him. Then up for some more ball crushing and I take the opportunity to put my hair up in a bun ready for more practice. A bun on ballerina is just perfect and I stand with my foot on his chest in triumph.

I finish his torment sitting on his chest with my ankles crossed in a typical dancer’s pose as I look down at my sorry victim.
Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 243 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
You Are Still Just A Wimp  
This is the POV of a mother taunting, humiliating and lying on her son to pin him.

My little wimp of a son has joined the school wrestling team against my advice. In his first match a girl, three years younger, wiped the floor with him and ended up sitting on top of him, in a pin. She and all of the other girls taunted him about this and he is very upset.

That night he comes into my bedroom looking for a cuddle. I let him into my bed and he asks for reassurance that he can wrestle. I just laugh at him and tell him he’s a wimp with scrawny arms and the girls could all beat him up if they chose. He gets angry and tries to wrestle me so I slide on top of him and let my weight pin him to the bed.

I pin his arms and then taunt him about how weak he is. He tried to struggle but I just lie on top of him, laughing at him. He is completely helpless under me and I continue taunting him about how weak he is and how tiny his arms are. I flex my arms to show him my powerful biceps and to tease him as he looks up into my face.

After a while I start baby talking to him and telling him maybe he can help the girls on the team get ready by carrying their towels and how he is still my little baby boy. I constantly reference how puny he is as I lie with my tummy on his. While I’m taunting him, I feel that he has a tiny erection pressing into my tummy so I tease him by moving my hips slightly. That makes him immediately have a tiny orgasm and I laugh at his puniness.  

Then I slide off him and cuddle him as he goes to sleep, still just a little wimp!
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 356 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Victory Poses By The Hunter 
I’m a bounty hunter dressed in a short military style skirt, sheer shiny pantyhose, silky black panties and knee-high boots and equipped with a longbow and arrows. I’ve tracked down my prey and caught him in a warehouse. He is exhausted from my relentless pursuit while I am as fresh as a daisy.

He’s on his knees and I put my booted foot on his back and pin him to the ground. I taunt him as I do and start my victory posing on him. He is beaten and broken and can only lie there as I flex my arms and pose on him before kicking him over on his back. He looks up at me as I stand astride him and pose while talking down to him.

The posing continues as I push my boot down on his balls for a while then move up and put my foot on his throat to intimidate him. A couple of poses like this and then some classic foot on chest victory posing. He is so going to know I’ve got him!

Then I stand astride him and undo some buttons on my skirt so he can clearly see my panties as I dominantly stand over him. I further humiliate him by dropping down until I’m sitting right on his face and perform more classic victory poses. He can smell the scent of a victorious woman on his face as I flex on top of him.

I stand again to use my boot to humiliate him further as I gleefully pose on the loser. More foot on balls and foot on neck because I can and then I drop into a schoolgirl pin facesit flexing pose. How dominant is that. I turn around and squat backwards with his face buried in my ass as I taunt him. He’s pathetic and I let him know it.

Back on my feet for more posing and I take an arrow out of my quiver to intimidate him. I suggest I might use it on him to scare him and dominate him further by posing with bow and arrow in hand and arms raised in victory over this useless male!

I squat back down on his chest and while he can only stare at my pantyhose gusset right in front of his eyes I flex my arms in sheer triumph.
Price: $11.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 317 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Used Then Crushed By His Aunty  
I’m aunty to a big, stupid man who I can’t stand so I want to use, humiliate and execute him. I start by walking around him telling him how stupid he is and putting him down as he stands there. I tease him about how he’d like to touch me and when he tries I slap his hand away. I slip my leather skirt off so I’m wearing just sheer black pantyhose with no panties and ankle high stiletto boots.

Then I suddenly knee him in the balls and he goes down moaning. I stand over him and push my pussy towards his face and tease him as he sits there confused. I want to use him so I grab his head and push it into my pussy. For the next few minutes I grind against his face, using him to build to an orgasm. His nose, mouth and tongue work on my pussy and my clitoris and I cum on his face in a delicious, noisy orgasm.

When I’ve finished using him, I push him over backwards and stand over him with my booted foot on his chest, taunting him about how useless he is. He can only stare up at my wet, swollen pussy and the tiny, wet gusset of my sheer pantyhose. He knows how I taste and he is about to find out some more lessons.

I tell him he doesn’t need to exist and that I am going to crush his neck and kill him. He moans in protest and starts to beg me to let him live as my boot presses down on his neck as I start his execution. He writhes and continues moaning as I push my stiletto heel into his throat and I start building another delicious orgasm. Executing him like this is so, so sexy and I rub my hand on my pussy and clitoris and as he starts to weaken I build up another orgasm and look into his eyes as my pussy swells and I start moaning again. He writhes in agony and continues begging me but I just tell him that crushing him like this makes me wet and horny and turns me on.

As I cum I push down hard on his neck and his hands drop, his head lolls and he fades away. I give another push just because I want to as I come down from my orgasm and then pick up my skirt and look down and say he’s a worthless piece of trash as I walk out leaving him dead on the floor.
Price: $11.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 347 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Victory Poses on the Knocked Out Man  
I’ve just finished knocking him out with a tight head scissor and now I’m going to humiliate him with lots of victory poses. I am wearing sheer, shiny pantyhose with soft white panties.

He is still out as I kneel on him and flex my arms and then stand over him and mock him with a victory pose. Before I wake him up I pose with my foot on his balls and then his chest and then I rub my sweaty foot on his face and lips so he will wake up to the smell and taste of my feet. I sit down on him and slap him awake and slide forward onto his neck as he comes to and taunt him while I pose. I’ve beaten him up and I let him know I’m the winner in no uncertain terms.

After posing all over him with my foot on his face, chest and balls I slip my stilettos on and as I tower over him I continue the humiliation. Stilettos make a girl feel so sexy, especially when she has her victim at her feet. Lots of posing, lots of taunting and all he can do is look up at my legs in shiny pantyhose and my pussy in sexy white clingy panties and my face laughing at him.

Then I slip my miniskirt back on so I can pose and flex my arms in a very feminine way. This highlights to the loser that he’s been beaten by a girl; a sexy girl who’s showing off her legs and panties as she flexes over him with her foot on his balls. I just love standing directly over his chest so he has to look up at my legs and pussy then into my eyes as I humiliate him and taunt him about being a loser.

At the end I drop back down onto his chest, sit on his face and spread my tiny skirt over it and pose as the camera fades. How utterly humiliating for a man!   
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 329 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Sexy Legs in Stockings  
I’m wearing a short, tight black skirt with black suspenders or garters, sheer black stockings and stilettos. My aim is to tease you and to make you watch me as I flaunt my sexy legs. Many people write to me and ask me to show them off and that’s what I’m going to do right now.

Lots of sexy poses with my skirt riding up my thighs, some flashes of silky white panties with a gusset that is starting to moisten. I undo and then slip my stilettos off my feet. Then there’s teasing moves as I show off my legs, thighs and calves while I play with my stocking tops before slipping the suspender clips off.

I roll down a stocking to bare first my thigh, then my calf, then my foot. Imagine how that stocking would feel and smell. It would feel so soft and silky and the top has been between my thighs for hours and my foot has left scents in it too. Mmmmm black, sheer and sweet smelling. I am so horny showing off for you that you can smell it!

I pose with my bare leg so you can see the curve of my thigh and the tightness of my calf. As the stocking slips off my foot you can see the curve of my sole and my painted toenails, red of course. To tease you some more, I turn the other way on the seat and you catch another glimpse of my shiny white panties covering my pussy.

Now I seductively slip the other stocking out of the suspender clips and roll it down my thigh, my warm soft thigh. Then over my shapely calf and down to my foot. I point my foot and gently and teasingly peel the stocking down to my toes and then pose with it. It is such a turn on to sit like this that I wonder if I’ll slip off the seat!

After my second stocking is off I can sit and tease you with my bare legs. Imagine how you’d feel if you could gently stroke my thighs or if I wrapped them around your face and teased and taunted you. Knowing that you are watching me play like this is very sexy and I look you in the eye and smile at you.

I run my hand up my thighs, softly and sexily. Imagine if you could do that to my silky, soft skin. Then I slip my shoes back on and do up the buckles before standing and walking out with that deliciously sexy click clack sound from my stiletto heels.

Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 298 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280x720
Poor Little Wimp  
This is a POV of a mother humiliating, then sitting on, then cuddling her would-be wrestler son.

I am the mother of a boy who has joined the school wrestling team but I think he’s a complete wimp. He tries to show me how tough he is but I just stand there taunting and humiliating him while he is unable to move me. The video shows my face as I laugh at him and ridicule his efforts. I tell him that any of the boys on the team could easily beat him and even the girls could too. I just stand there while he ineffectively tries to move me, and tell him how weak he is.

After a while I see him get angry and I decide to teach him a lesson. Before he can react, I have him down on his back and I’m sitting on his chest pinning him down. I try to encourage him to fight like a boy and move me but he can’t. I start to tell him how weak he is and call him a wimp as I sit on him and keep him pinned. You can see me looking down at him as he helplessly struggles under me. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t even budge me. I remind him that any of the girls at his school could get him down and pin him like that.

The poor little wimp can’t move his mother at all and looks up at me in frustration. I flex my arms several times to show him how strong his mummy is and I smile at him as I do. His feeble efforts continue and I tell him he shouldn’t join the team. Perhaps he can help me bake cakes and sell them to support the team. Or maybe he could carry the towel for one of the girl wrestlers because they are so much better than him.

He is such a wimp that he starts crying and I feel sorry for my poor little man. I make baby noises to him and tell him he should sit on my knee and I’ll give him a great big cuddle.

The scene changes to the little softy sitting on my knee while I play baby-like bouncy games with him and cuddle him. You can see me looking at him, babying him like the weak little thing he is. This goes on for a few minutes and I remind him of just how weak he is and just how much he shouldn’t be in the wrestling team as I hold him in my arms like the widdle baby he is.  I finish by wanking his tiny pee pee and making him have a little wimpy cum. 
Price: $13.99 USD
Length: 13 minutes
Size: 379 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280x720
Victory Poses on the Bully 
A man has hurt my brother so I visit him at his work to get revenge. I set up a camera so I can post pictures of him under me on social media and wait for him to arrive. When he does I take him down to the ground, injure his arm and then pose all over the coward. I’m wearing skintight blue jeans and stiletto ankle boots so I can dig the heels into him as I pose.

He starts on his stomach and after I complete the armbar to disable him, I pose with my foot on his back. Then I drop down onto him and jerk his head up so he can see the camera. I talk down to him the whole time then stand up and pose a little more before kicking him over onto his back. I want him to be able to look up at me as I humiliate him.

Next, I jam my foot on his balls and squish them as I smart mouth him. I look into his eyes and taunt him before posing for the camera. Then a delightfully dominant pose with my foot on his chest as I stand threateningly over him. I swap sides and stand on his injured arm and listen to the worm protesting as I do. To show him what a loser he is, I drop down onto his chest and flex my biceps right in front of his face, badmouthing him as I do.

Up I get and push my stiletto heel into his throat and delight at the look of terror on his face as he realises what I could do to him. I move my boot to his face and rub it on it then make him lick my boot like the dog he is. I can’t resist turning around and squatting on his face, making him kiss my bottom. Sitting perched on his face as he kisses my ass is an ideal time for more bicep flexing and I look back over my shoulder and further humiliate him as I do.

Then a few kicks to his body and legs, more cocky posing, another stomp on his injured arm just because I can and a classic, foot on chest, dominant pose for the camera before I kick him over onto his stomach again. I feels so good to see him prone at my feet as I place my booted foot squarely on the back of his shoulder and neck and belittle him as I arrogantly pose for everyone to see.

A final bully kick to his side as I verbally humiliate him and I walk off like the alpha female I am.
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 342 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Victory Poses By A Superior Woman  
Lots of sexy victory poses by a superior woman in four different scenarios.  I’m wearing different panties and pantyhose in each scene as I completely humiliate and dominate my victim.

The first scenario sees me posing on my victim wearing a beautiful blue dress with black pantyhose. I stand over him and pose while my foot is on his chest and I talk down at him. I sit on him to humiliate him while I flex, I crush his balls with the heel of my blue stilettos.

Next to the music rehearsal room where I’m wearing soft blue panties under shiny pantyhose. My victim here is flat on his back with me sitting on his chest dominating him by tapping his drumsticks on his head and by doing some lovely arm flexing poses on him.

Then to my rec room at home where I’ve just beaten my victim in a wrestle. He’d had to submit several times and I also pinned him so I want to humiliate and embarrass the loser. Lots of different poses on him as I show my superiority. I’ve slipped on a sexy pair of stilettos and these add to the femininity of my dominant position. The scene ends with me sitting backwards on him with his face pushed into my bottom as I smother him while I flex my strong biceps.

The last scene sees me all over my victim who has cheated once too often. I’m wearing deliciously shiny pantyhose with panties and burgundy suede high heeled boots. I really dominate him here as I pose with my boot crushing his balls and then with my heel pushed into his neck as I taunt him and add to his humiliation. He looks so insignificant under me as I tower over him in the ultimate display of female superiority.
Price: $15.99 USD
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 415 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280x720
Stilettos in the House  
If you love sexy legs, sexy feet and sexy stilettos there’s lots of them right in this video.

I’m in a house with big, shiny ceramic tiles that make my stiletto heels click clack as I walk around preparing the dinner table. My stilettos are beautiful black satin slingbacks with feature bows and peep toes which let you see my red painted toenails. I love the sexy sounds they make as I walk across the tiled floors, click clacking as I go.

I sit down a few times and let my stiletto dangle from my sheer pantyhose clad foot. Several times I slip my foot out of the shoe and sometimes reach down and pull the slingback into place. There are other closeups of the soles of my shoes as they dangle from my high arched foot.

Price: $7.99 USD
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 223 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Victory Poses on the Boss  
I’m having a meeting with my overbearing, bullying, obnoxious boss who is being offensive as usual. However, I have got hold of some photos of him in a very compromising situation and if the managing director saw them, he’d lose his job. Of course, I take great pleasure in showing my boss copies of them and telling him he has to do as I say from now on.

He has no choice and I decide to humiliate him straight away. I make him kneel in front of me and I stand over him and belittle him. Then he has to get down on his hands and knees and I sit on his back and taunt him. At the same time, I point out that I have set up a camera to catch his humiliation and I pose for the camera in a typical victory pose.

The poor loser has to kneel there and take it because I’m not finished. I grab his hair and twist his head up to look at the camera as I intend to show the film to the girls at work. The look on his face is priceless. Then I force him down on the floor on his stomach and put my stilettoed foot on his back and flex my biceps to show off before sitting on his back, spreading my skirt over him and then grabbing his hair and taunting him about being in the position he is.

Next, I make him roll on his back and dig my stiletto heel into his balls while I laugh at him. He’s learning that I’m on top as I stand astride him so he can see up my skirt to the tiny gusset of my pantyhose while I flex again. To emphasise that he is being controlled by a woman, I slip my skirt off and stand over him and shove my stiletto heel into his balls again before squatting down on his chest and taunting him.

I slide forward onto his face and let my long, black hair fall down around my shoulders before flexing my biceps while I smile at the camera. I’m really loving this!

Then I stand up and push my stiletto heel into his throat and threaten him with some real damage. The look of alarm on his face as I stand there with my sharp heel pressing into his jugular is so rewarding. He deserves every bit of the fear he’s feeling.
It wouldn’t be real humiliation if I didn’t make him kiss my ass, so I turn around and sit down on his face and order him to kiss my ass like he really means it. Imagine doing that to your boss!

Then there’s time for a couple more poses on him and a quick sexy schoolgirl pin before I tell him I’ll see him at work on Monday for more humiliation.

I love having a man at my mercy.
Price: $14.99 USD
Length: 14 minutes
Size: 420 MBFormat: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
A Nappy (Diaper) for the Businessman  
You are an important businessman who lives at home with his wife who behaves like his mummy. And you have been naughty because you made a decision yesterday without getting her permission.

She has decided to punish you by making you wear a nappy (diaper) to work all day. This is a POV video of her putting a nappy on you and telling you all of the embarrassing things you will have to do all day.

She starts by showing you the nappy and the baby talcum powder she will use on you. Then she removes your pin striped suit trousers and folds them in front of you. Now your little willy and bottom are powdered and a nappy is fastened on you.
She is obviously enjoying your discomfort and describes what’s in store for you after you both get the train to your office.

Of course, your nappy will show as a lovely round shape inside your trousers and everyone will know what you have on. You will be made to wear your nappy to today’s board meeting and have it changed while the meeting is on and in front of all the other managers.

During the day, your assistant will be brought into your office to help with changing your nappy when necessary and you will be taken to the ladies’ toilet regularly to allow you to do a wee wee.

When morning tea is served, mummy will have a cup of tea and you will sit on the floor next to her and drink your juice bottle, right in the middle of the office. There will be regular checks of your nappy to make sure you don’t wet it.

At the end of the day you will both get the train home again after visiting the ladies’ toilets at the station. While there, mummy will hold your willy while you do a wee wee. Then she’ll powder you and fasten your nappy, right in front of all of the other ladies.

Won’t that be a lovely day
Price: $17.99 USD
Length: 17 minutes
Size: 494 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Lily's Calves, Thigh, Panties and Pantyhose  
I’m bending over at my drinks cabinet when I notice you spying on me. I’m wearing a pair of sheer, shiny pantyhose and soft black panties with a form fitting top and you’ve been watching me as I bend over and looking at my wriggling ass.

I turn to you and smilingly tell you to stay and continue watching so I can tease you. I run my hands down my thighs and tell you how that feels and how good it would feel to have my thighs wrapped around you. Mmmm you’d enjoy that nearly as much as I would!

I sit on the arm of the sofa and raise my leg while I smooth my pantyhose over my thigh. Now that you are watching, I’m going to tease you mercilessly and I talk teasingly to you as my hands caress my soft thighs. I smile knowingly at you and rub my thighs together.
To continue teasing I sit down on the sofa with my big, round bottom fitting deliciously into the cushion as I seductively cross my legs. It is such a sexy position to be sitting in, especially knowing you are getting excited as you watch me. Knowing how sexy my shiny black stilettos are, I keep my legs crossed and slip my foot in and out of one.

I stand and pick up the glass of wine I was pouring and then sit down on the arm of the sofa again, with my long, shapely legs crossed. I take a sip and ask whether you’d like to join me in a glass. That’d be nice!

To lead you on further, I swing my legs up onto the sofa seat and flex them, knowing you are looking at my panties which cling to my bottom and pussy. While you look, I slide my hands down my thighs just as you’d like to do. The thought that you are growing more excited makes me very horny indeed.

I think you need to come and join me, or is that join me and come? So I bend over the drinks cabinet again and wiggle my bottom as I find a glass to pour you some red wine so we can relax on the sofa together.
Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 312 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Cock and Ball Rubbing To Get Her Own Way  
I want my man to buy a holiday package and I’m determined to make him do so. I put on shiny, sheer pantyhose and silky soft black panties and while he’s reading a magazine I get on the bed with him and start rubbing his cock and balls as I look into his eyes with a sexy “Come to Bed” look on my face.

He is soon aroused and I slowly stroke him with my stockinged foot making him very hard. He doesn’t have a chance and I slip my hand over his cock and stroke him before gently and sexily rubbing his balls.

He is soon under my control and I continue rubbing his balls, sliding my leg and my foot up and down them and his cock. I slip my hand into his underpants and gently grasp his cock and stroke up and down as I tease him with my eyes. I practically have him where I want so I continue with my oh so sexy teasing as I lie over him with my long black hair hanging down.

I change tack and mount his groin and rub myself up and down his cock and my panties allow me to slip sexily up and down him. I am getting very wet and horny as I do and I make it clear what I want. He can only lie there as I simulate sex with him, making him very horny too.

He would love me to go further right there and then but lie back down over him and continue sexily teasing his balls and stroking his cock. My sheer pantyhose make that gorgeous, sexy “shushing” sound as my thigh and calf rub up against him.

He is almost ready to agree so I turn around and sit on his face in a lovely ass smother and take him right to the edge by rubbing my bottom on his face while I slide my hand into his pants again and stroke his cock. He is so ready for me to finish him off but I make him promise to buy the holiday package and then leave him hanging so that he will keep his promise.

Of course he will if he wants me to take him to heaven when I get home from work!
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 364 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720

Victory Poses on the Beaten Man  
I am in the final stages of beating up my victim. He thought he’d be able to beat me in a wrestle but he didn’t realise how expert a wrestler I am and I well and truly worked him over. The video starts with me just finishing him off with a rear naked choke and I taunt him as I knock him out.

I’m wearing the shiniest, sheerest pantyhose with tiny soft, silky white panties and, because I’ve just returned from an evening clubbing, I have on a short clingy skirt and stilettos.

Once he’s out to it, I drag him into an open area on the floor so I can humiliate him by posing all over him. I start with my foot on his chest as I stand over him, flex my arms and remind him that I beat him up and he’s a loser. It makes me feel so sexy to beat a man up and I’m well aware that he can see my pussy pressing against my panty gusset.

Then I stand between his legs and nudge his balls with my foot and dig my stiletto heel into them. How humiliated he must feel as I stand with one foot on his cock and balls and my muscled arms flexed as I look down and taunt him. Grrr that makes me hot!

I want to continue his lesson in losing and I drop down onto his chest. He unwisely tries to push up and fight me and I quickly lock his left arm in a straight armbar and cause him some exquisite pain as I sit on his chest with my pussy just inches from his face. He can smell how horny I am as I pour the pressure on and as he groans in pain I flex my free arm. Talk about a completely beaten man!

More humiliation for him as I slide forward and sit on his face, settling my wet pussy on his nose as I do. I flex to show off and complete the picture of a dominant woman on top of a loser.

More foot on chest follows together with my stilettoed heel pressing into his throat. I am so aroused and love how he looks up into my eyes, so beaten! Of course, his eyes flick to look at my swollen pussy as I thrust forward dominantly over him.

I continue my victory celebration on him by slipping of my stiletto and forcing my foot into his mouth and making him lick and suck my sweaty toes. Mmmm that feels so good and makes me even hornier.

I drop back onto his chest so I can slap his face and taunt him. Poor, pathetic loser can only lie there with a horny, sexy woman sitting on him, humiliating him. The look in his beaten eyes is delightful and makes me feel invincible, so I turn around and bury his face in my bottom for a little ass smothering. More flexing of my biceps to remind him that he lost.

A little more foot on cock humiliation and I finish on top of his face, intending to make him p@ss out in a full facesitting smother.

Price: $13.99 USD
Length: 13 minutes
Size: 222 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280x720

Lily's Calves and Legs
Legs and calves in soft, smooth pantyhose. Simply delicious. Shapely calves and warm, soft thighs ready to wrap around you or rub against you. Imagine lying there with my thigh rubbing gently against your cock as I whisper in your ear.

Or lying there helpless as my thighs wrap around your neck, your face pushing into my pussy. All you can feel is the warmth and softness of them and the smooth silkiness of my pantyhose. You reach your hands up to try to resist and my thighs tighten and the strong muscles tighten around you.

Or you are sitting next to me and my legs are resting on your lap, my calves rubbing on your thighs, occasionally touching your hard cock. You rest your hands on them and feel how smooth and shapely they are. As I flex, you feel the power of my calf muscles and you know I could crush you with them. I look into your eyes and tell you I am going to stroke your cock between them.

You pick up my shoes and slip them onto my sexy feet, pausing to run your hands up my shapely ankles and onto my calves. Mmm my calves soft and sexy or hard and unforgiving. You look up into my eyes, glimpsing my white panties and the slight gap between my thighs.

You know you are mine and I am going to use my calves and my thighs to seduce you and to control you. Your cock twitches in anticipation.
Price: $7.99 USD
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 201 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Lily's Legs, Panties and Miniskirt  
I am feeling horny and want to flash my panties and show off my pussy, my bottom and my legs. I slip into a pair of the softest, silkiest white nylon panties and a tiny black miniskirt with shiny black stilettos. With a couple of cameras in place, I strut around the room flouncing my tiny skirt to show my panties and I sit all over a big, soft sofa so you can see up my skirt and I can stretch my legs nice and provocatively.

I love the thought that you are looking at me and part my legs suggestively so you can see my delicious, sexy panty triangle and then part them a little further so you can see right up to my panty gusset. Mmm that makes my pussy so wet!

My stilettos are just made to slip on and off and I tease a little as I do. Then I lie on the sofa and flex my legs, showing my panties as I do. You can see my big, round bottom as I lie there running my hands up my thighs.

Lots of legs, panties, panty triangle, panty gusset, big round bottom, feet and stilettos ensure this was a sexy, fun video to make.
Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 349 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
​Foot Smothered by Lily  
My poor man is flat on his back with me sitting on him just finishing tying up his wrists. I’ve already tied his ankles and he’s going nowhere. However, he thinks I am going to sit on his face in the silky white panties I’m wearing but, in reality, I’m about to smother him with my feet.

It has been a very hot summer day and I’ve had stilettos on all day and my feet are sweaty and ready to torment him. I finish tying him and then move back and sit on his stomach so I can dominate him as I use my feet to pinch his nose and cover his mouth for some long smothers. I love foot smothering and he can only lie there and plead with his eyes as I cut off his air.

This is a beautifully dominant position as all of my weight presses down on him, causing some discomfort and if he looks towards me he can see up my flimsy skirt and see my soft, white panties which are starting to become damp. To get a bit more leverage on my foot smothering, I get up and stand over him and continue to torture him.

I rub my sweaty feet on his face and force them deep into his mouth to gag him while I taunt him. Looking down at a tied-up man while you stand over him with your foot jammed in his mouth is utterly delightful. I can see the desperation in his eyes and I tease him by flouncing my skirt so he can see my panties as I taunt him.

More rubbing of my feet on his face follows and several times I pinch his nose between my toes and cover his mouth with my sole and smother him which make him desperate to breathe. And don’t I love that. A helpless man under my feet, desperate to breathe at my whim.

Eventually I decide I want to sit down and get at his face from a different angle. I pull up a chair and sit down and can really push my feet down on him and smother him. I squeeze all ten toes around his nose and mouth and push down and, once more, completely smother him, looking down into his eyes and watching his desperation as I do.

What a sexy turn on the look on his face is. He is unable to breathe, tied up, humiliated and covered in my sweaty feet and all of the smells from them.

Now that is exactly the right position for a man to be in.

Yes, that includes you!
Price: $18.99 USD
Length: 18 minutes
Size: 497 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
​Scissor Assassin
An assassin, a hit woman, an executioner. I am all of these and in this video I assassinate my victim with head scissor holds. Long, very tight, lingering head scissors.

I’m wearing very shiny, very sheer and very silky pantyhose, sheer to the waist with absolutely no panties. I want my victim to suffer and I want him to know he is suffering between the thighs of a woman; a hot, sexy, wet and horny woman who gets so turned on squeezing her victim’s neck and taking him to the edge of consciousness as she plays with him.

For the whole of this video I have my victim in a head scissor hold and squeeze him mercilessly. He suffers in a straight rear head scissor with my thighs locking his head and my ankles locked tight so I can crush his neck and make him groan as he becomes groggy and close to passing out.

Then there are two different figure four head scissors where his head is wrapped up between my soft thighs and my soft calf muscle, He is completely enclosed by my legs and then I lock one leg under the other, tighten up and suddenly he has pain and shortage of air and compression of his neck for as long as I want. I cause him all sorts of agony like this and you can see it in his face, let alone that I choke him so he can’t breathe and crush his neck so his face changes colour and he gets deliciously groggy.

I play with him like this, swapping from one painful, humiliating scissor to the other. Imagine how he feels, helpless between a woman’s thighs, knowing she is going to do him in. OMG it makes me hot thinking of having a man in that position. Having a man between my thighs and completely at my mercy.

Finally, when I’ve giggled at him as I squeeze him and when I’ve taunted him, teased him and tortured him, I decide I want to finish the job. I want to execute him. To appease my sadistic nature I softly talk to him and tell him what I’m going to do. He moans and tries to pull on my thighs but I lean back and really squeeze.
His throat is raspy as he tries to drag a breath in but I continue with my death lock and arch my back to really increase the pressure. He is mine and I want to finish him. The feel of him fading between my thighs makes me close my eyes and have a series of small orgasms on the back of his head.

He eventually slumps and I smile in utter contentment as I continue the tight headscissor to ensure I have finished him.

I don’t want this feeling to finish!
Price: $11.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 314 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Sexy Nurse Victory Poses
I am a nurse at a hospital and we have been looking for a missing patient who has a history of causing trouble with the nurses. I find him lying on his back in the passageway to the nurse’s quarters and he has a bottle of scotch with him! He needs to learn a lesson and as there is a security camera pointing straight at us I decide I’m going to pose on him and show him that his place in the world is under the nurses, not inconveniencing them.

I go ahead and have a delightful time standing with my stilettoed foot on his chest as I talk down to him, pausing to flex my arms for the camera of course! Matron and the other nurses will have a ball watching this later.         
I continue taunting him as I sit down on his stomach and remind him how often he tries to look up the nurse’s skirts and see their panties. I am wearing my summer uniform which has a nice, very short skirt with sheer, smooth pantyhose and soft, silky white panties and I sit very high on his chest to tease him.

Then I move forward onto his neck and tell him it’s time the nurses had a win over the patients and pose for the camera, flexing my arms as I do. To humiliate him, I move forward again and squat on his face and tell him I could knock him out like this and might do so next time the doctor says he has to have a sleeping tablet.
I stand up so I can stand over him and grind my stiletto into his chest and his cock laughing that he presses the button for the nurse all the time and now I’m pressing his buttons.

Next, I squat in reverse on his face so that his nose is in my bottom, really humiliating him before I stand over him again and pose with my stiletto on his chest as I tell him how sore my feet are from such a long day looking after patients like him. I make him take my stilettos off, one at a time, and rub my hot stockinged feet on his face and also make him suck the toes of one foot as I do a classic victory pose for the camera.

I have time to pose with my stockinged foot on his cock and balls to dominate him and decide to end his punishment by sitting back on his face and doing a short victory jig on him as I threaten to smother him unconscious before the other nurses arrive at shift change.

Whatever, he’s going nowhere until they can come along and see how pathetic he looks.
Price: $15.99 USD
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 253 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280x720
Diaper Embarrassment
Your mummy is angry with you because you keep on weeing on the toilet seat. You now have a POV of her coming to your room and telling you off and then telling you to go to the living room and take your pants off because she is going to put you in a nappy (diaper).

You have already been warned that she will embarrass and humiliate you if you continue wetting the toilet seat and now she is going to do so. Once you are lying on the sofa in the living room mummy looks down at you and talks down to you in her lovely upper class English accent and starts your humiliation.

You’ve been acting like a baby so now you will be treated like one and you will wear a nappy instead of underpants and trousers.

Mummy is holding a garden party today and you will greet all of the guests in your nappy. Now mummy puts the nappy on you and powders your little baby willy and bottom. You are told you can’t wet the nappy and that mummy will check your nappy regularly during the party and right in front of all of the guests.

Mummy smiles down at you and says you will have to stay by her side and hold her hand all day. She also shows you that your nappy has coloured spots on it that change colour if you wet yourself. So, if you drink too much from your baby juice bottle you might get in trouble.

Mummy is determined that you will suffer maximum embarrassment because you have been naughty and she wants all your cousins to see you lying on the lawn while mummy undoes your nappy and checks that your willy and bottom are dry. A bit more baby powder will help then too.

If you do need to do a wee wee there are temporary toilets set up for the party guests and you and mummy will stand in one of those, with the door open of course, and mummy will take your nappy off. Then, as you hold your shirt up out of the way, mummy will reach around you and hold your little willy to make sure you wee into the toilet, not on the seat.

To make sure you are thoroughly embarrassed, mummy advises that tomorrow you will accompany her to the shops while she does some errands. You will wear a nappy under your trousers and everyone will see your big, round nappy bottom and will know you’ve been a naughty boy!

Maximum embarrassment for you!

Price: $14.99 USD
Length: 14 minutes
Size: 408 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
​Victory Poses by the New Manager
I have just been promoted to sales manager and I am meeting with an employee who was an unsuccessful candidate for the role. He lied about me during the application and was dishonest too.

Now I am going to pose over him and gloat about me winning and him losing. I start out in a business skirt and top over shiny pantyhose and drop my skirt as I continue humiliating him. I make him lie flat on his back and stand over him and talk down to him.

I also sit on his neck and pin him down like a winner would at the same time calling him a loser. I stand over him with my stilettoed foot on his chest and my arms in the classic victory pose and look down on my beaten rival. I take great delight in pressing my stiletto down on his balls while I let him know how much better than him I am.

Various different poses over him and lots of tongue lashing let him know how much of a low life I think he is. He can only lie there and take it as he has a contract with our company and cannot get out of it.
How simply delicious that is. I continue to let him know what a rat he is while I flex my arms and pose when I feel like it. The remainder of our office staff are coming soon to help celebrate my promotion and I know that they all do not like him at all.

Just before they are due to arrive I sit with my bottom on his face and smother him while I flex my arms. That way the first thing the other staff members will see is him flat on his back like the loser he is with his nose in my bottom and me sitting like a queen on his face flexing my guns.

Now that is a victory pose!  
Price: $14.99 USD
Length: 14 minutes
Size: 373 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Schoolboy in Diapers
This is a POV video of a schoolgirl bully who has pinned you down and told you she would beat you up if you don't do as she tells you.

You are meeting her in a room at school and she is telling you how she wants to humiliate you by making you wear a diaper (nappy) all day, every day at school. She describes how she will publicly put it on you and powder your bottom as she does.

Then the diaper goes on you followed by pink plastic pants (pilchers) then your school pants. She describes how embarrassed you will be with your big, fat diaper bottom and how your plastic pants will make a noise as you walk around.

You will have to report to her and have your diaper checked regularly in public to make sure you haven't wet yourself. And of course she will talk in baby talk to you, liddle bubby.

If you need to do a wee wee you will have to hold her hand and accompany her to the girls toilet where all of her friends hang out. They will all watch and ridicule you as you do your wee wee and if you don't do it properly, she will hold your willy to improve your accuracy. How embarrassing!

These activities will occur all the day long every day and at the end of each day you will meet her at the bus stop where she will check your diaper and powder your bottom and willy in front of all of the students who queue for buses.

You will be beautifully patronised, embarrassed and humiliated and if you don't do as you are told, you'll be beaten up by a girl!
Price: $15.99 USD
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 434 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
​Victory Poses With Lily
My partner challenged me to a wrestle hoping he would win for a change.

I quickly started beating him up so he tried to cheat to win. This made me mad so I overpowered him and made him submit..

I am wearing a pair of very sheer pantyhose and a tiny pair of see through black panties so he is well aware that a woman is beating him up.

This video picks up the action with me having him in the final submission hold, a very painful Boston Crab. He is completely beaten and I drop his feet then pump my arms in jubilation because I beat the dirty cheat. I then set about humiliating him by posing all over him in many positions all designed to show everyone that I am the champion and he is a loser.

While he is on his stomach from the Boston Crab I pose on him and rub my stockinged foot on his face. I sit astride his back and mock his helplessness.

Then I roll him over and stand astride him and pose again. I am so pumped that I won!
I bend forward and talk right down into his face reminding him that a girl beat him up and that he is a loser. I continue teasing and humiliating him with many other poses including a facesitting pose so he can find out what a winner smells like.

I make him kiss my pussy to acknowledge I beat him.

I sit right forward on his face and tuck my feet under his shoulders and smother him while I pose for the camera. I kiss my biceps several times to make him feel humiliated.

I humiliate him further by turning around and making him kiss my bottom, no make that my ass, it sounds more humiliating that way! I stand with my foot on his chest and pose in the classic victory pose.

I even take the time to muss my hair up as I stand there. I just want to make him feel like the loser he is! I stand with my foot on his balls and laugh at what I could and might do to him.

Now that is a beaten man; flat on his back with a woman standing over him with her foot on his balls while she laughs at him and tells him she owns him. GRRRRRRRRR

I end up sitting on his stomach, using his legs as a back rest with my sweaty stockinged feet rubbing on his face as I relax on my favourite seat, a big cheating loser!!
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 308 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Victorious Lily
Here’s a collection of victory poses from six scenarios both standing and sitting.

I sit on my victim on a bed to celebrate beating him. I’m wearing soft, silky white panties and a black shirt as I sit fully on his face and taunt him while I pose for the camera.

Next he is on his back on the floor while I pose all over him at the end of a long day’s video shooting. I use him as a seat and a foot rest while I talk down to him.

Then we see my victim flat on his back again on the floor while his miniskirted secretary stands over him and gloats about having trounced him. She puts her foot on his chest and tells him how she’s taking over now. There are upskirt shots showing her tiny black panties while she stands astride him and reminds him he is now subject to panty power.

Then to the world of rock where a leather jacketed female rocker has just beaten the hot favourite in a guitar playoff and she celebrates at his expense. Standing over him with one foot on his chest and her Gibson Les Paul in her hands, she reminds him that she outplayed him and his time is over.

Back to another domestic scene where once again my victim is on the floor being used by me as a piece of furniture. He knows his place and has to just lie there while I relax on him and laugh at him while I show off for the camera.

Finally I’m on top of him on the bed taking my just rewards and using his face while I perform a victory pose and talk down to him.

If you want to see a man on his back being taunted and humiliated by a superior woman this clip will suit you down to the ground. Not to mention plenty of sexy panty facesitting!
Price: $17.99 USD
Length: 17 minutes
Size: 501 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
​Arm Wrestled And Scissored Into Submission
Want to see a sassy woman wearing purple panties show a man his place? Arm wrestling him first with the left arm then the right and overcoming his supposed male superiority.

And letting him know how much better I am at the same time!

Beating him at that, calling him a loser and then wiggling my ass in his face as I challenge him to a standing fingerlock strength test.

Laughing at him as I gradually humiliate him by forcing him to his knees in pain. While he is there I push his head between my thighs and tightly scissor him and taunt and humiliate him more.
With his head tightly squeezed between my thighs I flex my guns and perform a victory pose as I make him groan in pain and force him to submit.

Then I make him admit women are the stronger, superior sex and humiliate him further by forcing him to apologise for being such a stupid man and for thinking he had a chance against me.
As he kneels there in pain, I squeeze even harder and get another submission out of him.

To let him know exactly where his place is I tell him I will let him free if he lies on the floor on his back so I can pose on him.

Of course he has no choice and lies on the floor with his arms out and I stand over him with my foot on his chest and look down into his beaten eyes.

Some leisurely posing with foot on chest and throat follow before I finish by challenging any male watching to try his luck!
Price: $11.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 309 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Lily's Foot Smother
Foot smothering. One of the great ways a woman can dominate a man.
Rubbing her sweaty feet on his face, pinching his nose between her toes, covering his mouth with the soles of her feet, preventing him from breathing.

This is my first foot smother video. I had beaten my victim up and tied him with rope so he could not move.

I slip off my stilettos that I had worn all day and rubbed my sweaty foot on his face, taunting him as I did. I allow him to feel and smell my foot and then work his nose between my toes and tightly pinch it making it nearly impossible for him to breathe.

All the time I am looking down into his eyes and laughing at his helplessness. I continue using my right foot to smother him then change to my left foot and allow him to savour it too. While he smothers I am standing over him well aware that he can see up my soft, flowing dress and see my silky, sexy panties. I love tormenting him sexually as I humiliate him with my feet. Mmmmmm that turns me on.
Next I take advantage of his helplessness and sit on him with both of my feet on his face. Now I continue smothering him using the toes on one foot to pinch his nose and the other foot to seal his mouth or just pushing both soles onto his nose and mouth cutting out all breath.

His eyes plead with me but I just taunt him and continue my torment, occasionally allowing him a breath while I rub the sweaty, smelly soles of my feet on his lips and his face. In the end I stand up and while I pinch his nose between my toes and smother him, I tell him I am going to have a break.

To show how kind I am I tell him he can decide how I will smother him when I return. Now how generous is that!
Price: $16.99 USD
Length: 16 minutes
Size: 473 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Naughty Boy!
This is a POV video.

You are a boy and have been naughty, interrupting your mummy's afternoon tea with the ladies auxiliary and she has decided to punish you by making you wear a diaper (nappy) for the rest of the day.

Mummy has a nice posh British accent and slides a diaper under you and powders your little bottom and willy. She explains that you will have to hold her hand for the rest of the day and she will regularly check your nappy in front of all of her guests.

Then you and she are going to the shops and you will wear your diaper there and visit the public toilet to take a wee wee in the ladies toilets of course. You will pop into the grocery shop and buy a big bag of diapers for you to wear too.

Then it's off to the country club and you will sit next to mummy on a baby blanket and play with your baby toys. Your diaper will be checked regularly as you sit there and when you roam the grounds.

You can lie on the lawn as mummy powders your little willy right in front of your friends.
If you need to do a wee wee you will hold mummy's hand and go to the ladies where you will be changed on the change table.

You will have a lovely afternoon, won't you. Mummy intends to completely humiliate and embarrass her little baby boy!
Price: $11.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 326 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Captured by Catwoman
Catwoman is seeking revenge. Soft, shiny catsuit, little ears, wet pussy and smothering bottom all ready to subjugate her rival Bruce.

The video starts with her firing a tranquilizer dart into him which makes him unable to move his body. All he can do is breathe and use his eyes.

She mounts his chest and taunts him just like THAT scene from the movie and of course leans right down and licks him too. Purely to dominate him, she moves forward and sits on his neck with an appropriate comment to the camera. With Bruce unable to resist, Catwoman announces it is time for cat and mouse play. She sits on his face smothering him while laughing, “What’s the matter, pussy got your tongue?”

More teasing and tormenting then leads to her rolling him into a tight figure four headscissor, pulling his head into her pussy so he smothers while she squeezes him. This then converts to a straight side headscissor with his face once more pulled into her very wet pussy.

She twirls his hair and says, “Sometimes I just want someone to play with,” as she squeezes him mercilessly.

He’s next rolled onto his back and she mounts him again for a reverse smother. Her big round bottom is ideal for ass smothering and then she turns around and pulls him into another tight side headscissor on the other side.

Once more she pulls his face right into her pussy and then tightens her thighs around his head. As her arousal builds, she squeezes extra hard and says, “This feels so yummy.”

The hold is converted to a figure four which forces his face right into her pussy and she taunts. “Bet you never figured getting quite this close, trapped by a pussy.” As she gets off him he tries to move and roll away but she sits on his back and taunts him as she rolls him over again.

Once more she sits on his face again teasing, “You still can't move,” and as she slides onto his face and arranges her pussy on his nose she taunts, “And now you can't breathe.”
Even though he is completely helpless, she reaches down and pins his wrists in a smothering schoolgirl pin and as she wiggles her pussy on his nose she giggles, “I like this bit.”

Poor Bruce has to put up with Catwoman sitting wriggling on his face for several minutes while she preens like a pussy cat and then giggles down at him, “I am going to let you go now, but you know I will be back to getcha,” and she finishes with her face very close to his, “and I might just finish you off next time.”
Price: $18.99 USD
Length: 18 minutes
Size: 445 MB
Fomat: WMV
Resolution: 1280x720
Lily's Foot Slave
This video has lots of foot worship and foot shots. The foot worship scenes occur during a judo match but there is no judo in this video.

I instructed my foot slave to clean some of my stilettos while I go to work all day and then attend judo practice before coming home. When I arrive home after a full day's work and a hard judo practice he is just finishing and has done such a good job that I decide to reward him by beating him up with judo and making him worship my sweaty feet as I do. That way I can get him in very painful holds and torment him until he submits several times and then make him lick, suck and kiss my sweaty feet as a reward. Delicious!

The video starts with me telling him what is going to happen and shows my feet in the gorgeous red stilettos that I wore to work and home from judo. I also slip them off to let him see how sweaty my feet are and let him anticipate the reward he is going to get after I make him give in.

Then we move to the scenes after I have made him submit and he is forced to use his tongue on my feet. It is beautifully humiliating for him to be there with my toes in his mouth licking in between them and sucking on each toe.

I make sure he licks my whole foot under the sole and on the top and when he sucks my toes he knows he has to suck them like he is giving each toe a little head job!

Having your feet worshipped is very sexy and I love watching him as he treats me like the goddess I am.

My god I get such a high from beating him up, making him submit and then humiliating him with my feet.

Imagine how you would feel if you were exhausted, in pain from your last submission and with a mouthful of your goddess's sweaty feet and the knowledge that her expectations are very high and if you do not do a good job you will get a worse beating in the next round. I guarantee you would be like my slave and do a perfect job!
Price: $8.99 USD
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 224 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Forced Foot Worship And Tease
I have just finished beating my victim in a very one sided judo match to make him agree to worship my feet.

This video starts with me in the final stages of the match having him in a painful armbar while I rub my foot up and down his groin to excite him. Real pleasure and pain!

As I feel him getting excited in his shorts I increase the pain in his elbow. That really plays with his mind and I love it.

I also tell him how he has to set things up while I change into a light sexy dress.
The next scene has him lying on his back under a chair and me entering with a glass of champagne and a book. I advise him that I have freshened up except for my feet which are still sweaty and dirty after a day at work and a long judo practice and judo match.

He slips my stilettos off my feet and then spends the rest of the video licking, sucking and cleaning each toe and every part of my feet.

I just sit there sipping champagne and reading, just as a dominant woman should do when her slave is pampering her.

There are closeups of my feet on his face and in his mouth and of him licking them all over.
Of course I talk down to him a little when I feel like it and the video ends with him still worshipping my feet as I tell him that I am deciding what he will make me for dinner.

He will have the taste and smell of my feet on him as he prepares my dinner.

What a perfect way to end a busy day!
Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 296 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Lily's Dominant Victory Poses
Here's a series of four vignettes each showing a dominant me in various victory poses as I best my victim.

The video starts with Lily The Dominatrix starting her slave on his training. I am wearing all black with shiny black stockings and stiletto boots. I have a riding crop in my hand and my slave is tied.
Next we are having a short holiday and I am wearing tight blue jeans and have wrestled him down onto the bed. He reckoned he'd win the wrestle so I pin him and sit on his face and count him out, reminding him that I am going to do this every day of our holiday.

Then I force him to lie on the floor and pose on top of him while I talk down to him. I make him smell my feet and stand with my foot on his chest in a classic victory pose. I rub my foot on his groin to make it clear he is mine.

The next scenario is in our back room at home and he is flat on his back with me sitting on his chest in a schoolgirl pin, having just beaten him up. I am busy gloating and reminding him of how I won.
Lots of different poses on him including me kneeling on his chest with my arms raised in victory.
Last scenario continues on from the first. He has disobeyed an order and is being humiliated in punishment. I am wearing a floral frock and he is on his knees awaiting his punishment. I slap his face, make him kiss my biceps to show him my superiority, put him in a headlock and push him down to the floor.

I plant my stiletto in his back and grind my heel in to teach him to obey and do the same on the back of his head,

The film ends with me kneeling on his back with my knees dug into him as I talk down and taunt him. I love being a woman on top!
Price: $18.99 USD
Length: 18 minutes
Size: 486 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Ball Teasing
Heres a sexy custom clip I made.

I want a new pair of shiny stilettos and I want my man to pay for them.

He is lying on a sofa and I come into the room wearing a very short satin negligee and shiny black pantyhose and lie down beside him. He loves me teasing his balls so I am going to convince him to buy the shoes for me by teasing his balls with my legs, my feet and my hands.
To keep him focused I tie his wrists and then smile down at him. I start gently running my leg up and down on his balls and tease him. He starts to respond and I use my hand to softly massage his balls and tease him further. All of the time my other hand is holding down his tied wrists so he cannot resist.

I can feel his cock harden and see in his eyes that he is becoming aroused so I lean down and gently kiss him. To get him even more excited I slip my hand into his underpants and play with his cock and balls while I smile down at him.

I continue to tease his balls and kiss him too until he agrees that he'll pay for my lovely new shoes.

Then I sit on his cock and balls and wriggle as I lean forward and give him a thank you kiss.
Price: $8.99 USD
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 238 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Sleeper Hold Interrogation
Here’s a poor man with his wrists tied as an interrogatrix enters the room determined to get a name from him. Other interrogators have failed and he has been left sitting on a sofa with his hands tied.

She is wearing a tiny, tight, short black minidress and sits behind him with him in between her legs. He knows he has nowhere to go as there are armed guards nearby.

To lull him into a false sense of security she puts her arms around his shoulders but as he relaxes she tightens her grip into a full rear naked chokehold. While he gasps for breath and starts to become foggy, she rubs herself on him and whispers sexily in his ears.

He fights to stay awake as she asks him for the name she needs but he resists. To emphasise her dominance she pulls his head up and tightens her grip while she sways sexily behind him. He slumps unconscious in her arms and she relaxes her grip to allow him to wake up as she smiles and teases him.

Her victim groans as she starts tightening her grip again as she rubs herself sexily on his back. Again she asks him for the name and again he refuses. She takes great delight in again tightening her grip and twisting his neck, forcing his head sideways as she puts him to sleep again.

This continues for the entire clip as he is made to suffer and go to sleep in her tight embrace. If you enjoy seeing a man tied and squeezed into submission in a sleeper hold time after time until he moans in defeat, then you will enjoy this.

This is a custom clip creating a sexy scenario for a customer. Email me if you have a fantasy you would like to explore.
Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 368 MB
Bitrate: Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Lily's Victory Poses
I am wearing beautiful sheer and shiny pantyhose with a pair of soft, silky red panties and matching shiny red stilettos while I get the last submission in a wrestling match.

My victim is flat on his back right by the baby grand and has me pinning his arms with my legs as I sit on his face at the end of a long smother. As I've just beaten him up I decide to show off and do some victory poses.

I start out by grabbing his balls while I continue to smother him and then I turn to the camera and flex my arms for a victory pose. Of course because I'm on top I spend the whole time talking down to him and letting him know I've won!

Next I stand up and pose over him in various victory poses. I stand astride him and pose then talk down to him. I put my foot in my shiny, sexy red stiletto on his chest and then on his manhood while I pose.

To show him that I control his breathing I stand with one foot on his neck with my pointy stiletto heel on his throat and look him in the eye and softly giggle at him.

After a while I make him take my right stiletto off my foot and then lick my toes through my pantyhose. That feels so good that I make him suck them too.

Next he takes off my left stiletto and I rub my foot over him, stopping to flex my arms as I pose on him. This makes me so horny that I finish the movie by slowly lowering myself back onto his face in a very sexy schoolgirl pin for one final victory pose and as the camera fades I start to enjoy myself on his face.

Now that is girl power!
Price: $8.99 USD
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 76 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Blue Jeans Victory Poses
I'm wearing tight blue jeans without any panties and of course I'm wearing matching stilettos. I've just finished playing a card game with my victim and naturally he lost.

Now I want to show him that I am the winner so as he lies at my feet I stand over him and talk down to him and adopt various victory poses.

During the game he lost most of his clothes and he is semi naked and vulnerable as I softly humiliate him.

I stand with a stilettoed foot on his chest and on his throat, I stand astride him and bend down to talk into his face, reminding him that I now own him and am going to take him.

I turn around and look back over my shoulder down at him as I stroke my bottom in preparation for taking him. I squat full weight on his chest and laugh at his position before sliding forward to let him smell my pussy which is wet and swollen in anticipation.

I laugh as I do so and tell him to smell what a real winner smells like. I rub my stiletto heel on his manhood and make it clear that I own that part of him and will use him all night.

This is a long six minutes for my victim who has to lie there and take all of my soft, sexy threats.
Price: $6.99 USD
Length: 6 minutes
Size: 107 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080