Judo, the sexy martial art. Hot, sweaty judoka tying each other up in painful holds and chokes. He'll submit or I'll knock him out. Submit or I'll bend his elbow or wrist even more. Juji gatame, sankaku jime, omoplata, whatever your favourite hold you'll find it here. Tons of armbars, chokes, strangles, locks and holds all done by a sadistic female judoka.
That means that I'll get him in a hold when I feel like it, and he won't have a choice, I'm an advanced brown belt holder. Then I'll apply pressure and make him submit but unlike a judo match, I won't immediately let him go. I'll keep the hold going to weaken him so I can beat him up, slowly and sexily. That makes me so wet and horny!
And if I have him in a choke or strangle I'll make him so groggy he'll be mine to use as I wish or I'll even knock him out so I can mount him and have my way with him.
I can turn a man to putty with a long lingering armbar on each arm for a minute or two followed by a tight triangle hold for another few minutes. There are many armbars and strangles that I can use to play with him as I feel. Then with his arms useless and his head groggy he'll be sexily tortured by a highly aroused, sadistic female judoka. Mmmmm judo is so sexy!

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Lily's PantyFacesitting and Wrestling
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Judo Beating And Foot worship  
Judo. I love it. I’m a shodan or black belt and I’ve trained and worked hard to get here. I also love having my feet licked and cleaned so I’ve decided to use my judo skills to get my feet spoiled when I practice my groundwork or newaza. I’ve had a long day at work wearing high heels and my feet are hot and sweaty, perfect for a beaten man to lick.

My feet are on show at the beginning of the video as I walk to the mat and wait for my training partner. He enters and we bow and begin. I quickly take him to the floor and swing his arm up into what I say is ude garame but his arm straightens and it becomes ude gatame. He immediately taps but I dismiss him and keep torturing him. I’m going to break his spirit and force him to lick my feet while he’s in the hold. I love hearing him moan in pain from the armbar while he licks my feet.

Then I transition to sankaku jime or triangle hold and tighten my legs making his face change colour. This really is an excellent hold for subjugating my opponent. A little taunting from me to rub in his hopeless situation and he taps again. Once more he is forced to lick the sweat from my feet which feels so good!
Before he can react, I roll him onto his stomach and take his arm in a kimura which is a great hold for controlling him and forcing a submission. So, I make him submit and while he does, I make him lick between the toes of my right foot. What a wonderfully sexy submission! Of course, I prolong the hold past his submission which one shouldn’t do in judo but I’m a sadistic girl.

He’s a bit worse for wear now but I sit astride his back facing his feet and take his arm in reverse vertical ude gatame. This places my left foot right under his face so while I torture his arm he cleans my salty foot, between moans of pain of course. By the time I’ve finished his arm is useless and I kneel on it just to continue his subjugation.

As we both kneel and face each other to start again he tries to rush me but I’m too fast and skilled for him and take him down in another ude gatame. He groans and is forced to tap and change feet position and combine it with a foot choke or shime waza. Now he’s really in trouble. In a judo match, he’s be finished but as I mentioned I’m a sadistic judoka and I make him suffer before making him once more have a tasty, salty snack on my toes! While he’s occupied on my feet I keep the armbar hurting him and use my other hand to rub his cock and balls.

I sit up and transition to ude garame using my arms and a leg which puts a lot of pressure on his sore arm and I add another foot choke to really dominate him. The pain and the choking make him submit and as he tries to flex his useless arm and suck in some air I make him service my feet again. I love subjugating a man!
Before he can gather his wits, I pull both his arms up between my legs, lie back and clamp my knees on his elbows pulling on his wrists to make a difficult to form but delightful variety of double ude gatame. He groans in pain and I add to his torment by crossing my ankles and choking him with my feet again. This is a very dominant combination and he can barely tap his submission.

A quick transition and he’s in a tight sankaku jime again, this time looking up into my eyes. I laugh at him and take his trapped arm into an armbar and add a painful wristlock, just because I can. I’m really showing him who’s boss and tell him it’s time to submit. With my legs tightly wrapped around his neck and shoulder, his arm bent backwards and his wrist bent too he groans while he taps. I can’t resist keeping the hold going and making him tap again. That makes me so wet as I do. (In fact, I’m wet now thinking about it!)
I accept his second submission and grab him in kesa gatame. As he lies pinned under me, I tighten the lock putting pressure on his neck, shoulder and arm. I have very strong arms and shoulders and can make this hold exquisitely painful and he moans as I do. He’s forced to agree to finish cleaning the soles of my feet and you can see him favour his arm when I let him go to do so.

The video ends with a thoroughly beaten man lying on his back servicing the feet of the woman who has just beaten him while she rubs his cock and balls through his shorts to show him she owns him.

Like I said at the beginning, I love judo!
Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 28 minutes
Size: 793 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Lily's Judo Black Belt
I have finally received my judo black belt or shodan after many years of hard work and competition. I am so excited and expect my man to take me out to dinner to celebrate. However, he doesn’t seem interested in my judo achievements and is disparaging about them. I challenge him to a three-round wrestle and I’ll use my judo knowledge in the fight. He is much bigger than me and thinks he’ll win easily.

We face off and while he’s smart mouthing me I grab his arm and take him down straight into a kimura. He’s prone on his stomach with me kneeling on his back, pouring on the pain for him. The kimura is great for disabling his arm and I work it hard which makes him tap. I maintain the hold for a while longer to ensure his arm is sore and numb then flip him on his back.

He tries to fend me off and I take his other arm in a vertical armbar and sit over him giving him much pain at the elbow. I’m an expert at ude gatame and push him right to the edge of his pain barrier, hyperflexing his joint and making his arm useless. He taps again and I wrap his damaged arm around his neck and pull him up to a sitting position. He’s sore and bewildered as I put him in a hadaka jime or rear naked choke. I’m determined to win each round with a knock out and this is just the hold. I whisper taunts into his ear as I tighten up and his face changes colour before he slumps. Round one to me in a knock out.

While he’s out, I use his legs to roll him onto his stomach and then mount him in a kaza guruma or Boston crab. Whilst this is now illegal in judo, it’s a wonderfully dominant hold and allows me to strain his back and legs while I humiliate him. He moans and taps but not before I’ve made his back nice and painful.
I’m determined to beat him up and take advantage of him and put his legs into a figure four variant to strain his knees and inflict a little damage on his ankles. He’s in trouble and I’m not finished. I roll him on his back and get him in a combination kesa gatame plus arm lock plus udi garame or figure four wristlock. He is on his back as I control him, with my face right over his as I taunt him further and make him groan from the painful locks. I increase the pressure and he has to tap.

Before he can recover at all, I roll into ude gatame and hurt and weaken his arm further. I want him to remember this for a few days! I move my feet back and use them around his neck to choke him while I keep the pressure on the ude gatame and he gasps as he taps. I let the hold linger to weaken him more and to let him clearly see that he has a woman beating him up.

Because this is supposedly a wrestle I take him in a headscissor next and also get his other arm in udi gatame to compound the hold. He is in pain all over and as I tighten the scissorhold I tell him I’m knocking him out again. I can see on his face that he’s completely had it and I taunt him by counting down to the knockout, then tightening my powerful legs around his neck and watching his face go a nice dark colour as he slumps. Round two to me in a knock out!

I slap him awake and say, “C’mon big Mr. Tough Guy,” as he gets to his knees, very wobbly. I have no mercy for him and want to thoroughly beat him up and humiliate him. I take him down with a kneeling hip throw and immediately apply tsukome jime or cross hand choke. I’m sitting on him for leverage and tighten it very quickly and his face darkens as he starts to fade. I laugh and tell him I’ll knock him out and he taps.
I move forward and sit down hard on his throat in another choke with my knees spread to keep my weight concentrated on his neck and also to pin his arms. I sit right up on him and taunt him as I restrict his breathing. Another tap and I transition into jigoku jime or hell strangle. There’s no fight left in him and I apply pressure on his throat with my arms and on his arm with my legs. His voice croaks as he tries to breathe and he can barely tap his submission.

I want to finish him off with a painful knockout hold and sankaku jime is the one. I pull his head between my thighs and take one arm too and start to tighten the hold, rolling him side t side to assist in locking the hold. This is similar to a crocodile rolling its prey and I love the disorientation it brings to my victim. Once he’s in place, I tighten my legs and as my thighs squeeze his neck, his own arm pushes into it too. I taunt him, “Gotcha now,” as I bend his hand back in a wristlock while tightening my thighs on his neck.

He groans in pain and disbelief and taps his submission only for me to tell him I’ve decided I’m going to knock him out again. He groans and seems to want to ask me not to, but I’m on a mission and I flex my leg and tighten the hold way beyond what he can stand. His face colours deeply and his legs twitch as he fades again. I smile the smile of a victor and push him clear before putting one knee on his body as I sit over him in triumph. Round three by knockout!

You can see how I celebrate my black belt using my beaten victim in “Tied And Smothered After Judo”.
Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 23 minutes
Size: 629 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Lily's Sexy Judo  
Join me in judo newaza randori or training of floor techniques. Watch me beat up my uke (my victim) with lots of different judo holds and use him in sexy ways as I do. I’m wearing a white judogi with only a silky black thong underneath and my brown belt or obi.

We start and I immediately get him in tate shiho gatame, a very sexy judo hold. I enjoy the sexuality of this hold and then transition to kesa gatame and tighten the hold to make him tap his submission. After he taps I roll onto him in tate shiho gatame again and rub my pussy on his cock and balls to tease. This is going to be a very sexy match.

I let him up and immediately overpower him and put him in kame shiho gatame with his head between my thighs. I tighten the lock and he is unable to move as I control him, practically sitting on his face in this most erotic judo hold. To make him tap again, I drop down so that his face pushes into my pussy and he is smothered into submission.

A nice bit of frottage as I sit astride his groin before I grab his arm and flip him into wake gatame. This is such a controlling hold and I bend his wrist to force another tap out. Before he can recover, I roll him onto his back and take the same arm in Americana or ude garami, lying across his neck and arms to immobilise him while I pressure his elbow. Of course, he submits and that makes me even hornier so I mount him in tate shiho gatame again and control him while I engage in more frottage while I lie on him.

I let him free and as he tries to rise I take him in yoko shiho gatame with my left arm between his thighs holding his jacket. I control him for a while and then slip my left hand into his gi pants and feel his hard cock. I keep him controlled and stroke his cock in his pants, initially just to tease but as I feel him harden further I decide I will masturbate him and make him cum. What a delicious variation on yoko shiho gatame this is. As he is my uke he must lie there while I take him to the edge and then speed up so that he cums in his gi pants. Mmmmmmmm

Then I let him free and as he sits up I take him in hadaka jime or rear naked choke. He doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going as I tighten the hold and his face turns purple as he starts to lose consciousness. I keep him on the edge of p@ssing out but let him tap his submission.

We kneel to start again and I toss him down with a hip throw and mount him for a short tate shiho gatame as I’m feeling very horny and rub my pussy against his groin again. I then pull him up and straight into a version of okuri eri jime and choke him into submission again.

Now it’s time to get sexier and I drop my gi pants to continue in just my jacket and black thong. A quick tate shiho gatame so I can really feel his manhood rubbing against me and then into kame shiho gatame with his face presses into my thong covered and very wet pussy.

Next, I set him up for a sankaku jime, rolling him around on the floor as I tighten my thighs around him and hook one foot up behind the other knee to lock it in. He ends up on his back with his head and one arm locked in my triangle and I’m seated on his face in my damp thong. What a beautiful, sexy sankaku jime.

He has no choice but to submit and I roll him into udi gatame and force another submission. I make my intentions obvious by next putting him through a short tate shiho gatame and some frottage, then another kame shiho gatame with my thong on his face. But I want more so I stand up and slide my thong down my legs, telling him I want to sit on his face to finish the session.

The final eight or so minutes are me sitting on his face with his nose in my bare pussy and his mouth in my bare bottom. My gi jacket is open at the front as I sit and smother him and build up to a delightful orgasm while I softly moan on top of him.

What a wonderful judo practice!
Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 34 minutes
Size: 880 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Lily the Brown Belt Judoka
I’ve just earned my judo brown belt after two year’s hard work and have asked my man to be waiting for me in his gi so I can have my first judo bout wearing it. He doesn’t want to have a match and decides to himself that he will be a nuisance and try to pull my top open to show my black bra and to pull down my pants to show my bottom and the black thong I’m wearing.

He starts trying to undress me as soon as we start but I get him in a tsukkomi jime, a very effective choke, even though my top is wide open exposing my bra. He is forced to submit or I’ll knock him out and I tell him to stop being silly as we fight. I tuck myself in and we continue to fight.

The actual tussling is quite hard and I start to become sweaty as I try to manoeuvre him into position for another submission hold. He manages to expose my top again as I pin him down and then drop into ude gatame or straight arm bar. This time I enjoy hurting him as I make him submit.

I tidy up again and he lunges into me. He really is putting up a fight and I have to scramble to overcome him. He, once more, makes a nuisance of himself and pulls my gi pants down exposing my bottom and my black thong. This makes me mad and I push him onto his back and put him in ude garame or Americana and pour the pressure on his wrist. My bare belly is half on his face and my bare ass is sticking up with my thong on view. He submits but I continue hurting him and make him submit again.

Once more I fix myself up but before I finish he attacks again and tries to use his weight advantage to get me down. I use my judo skills and turn the tables and get him in kami shiho gatame and, because he’s pulled my top apart, I smother him with my bare tummy as I pin him with his face under my very sweaty pussy. I bet he can smell me through my gi!

After he submits again we fight on and despite him undoing my top and pulling down my pants to expose my panties and bra, I overcome his strong resistance and gain submissions from jigoku jime or Hell Strangle, sankaku jime or triangle choke as he starts to tire, then a combined arm and leg lock with my bare ass showing yet again and ashi sankaku garame or Omoplata.

I hold him in the Omoplata and keep the pressure on then add a wristlock too and he is in agony as I force him to promise not to pull my top open or my pants down. He has no choice but to submit but I keep him in pain as I tidy my outfit and my hair.
After he submits several times I move his arm into kimura and really hurt his arm as I get two more submissions. I let him out and he immediately pulls my pants down and laughs. This makes me mad again and I grab him in a modified kesa gatame and cause him to groan in pain as he submits.

I tidy myself again and attack him. He’s really tiring now so I pin him in another modified kesa gatame and taunt him right into his face. Another submission eventuates and we are both very hot and sweaty as we get to our knees to restart. He still tries to pull my clothing and my new brown belt is undone.

That is enough for me and I overwhelm him and schoolgirl pin him. I’ve had enough and the rules go out the window. I tie his wrists with my brown belt and stand up on his arms so he can’t move and take my pants off.

Then I drop down onto his face and smother him under my incredibly sweaty pussy and bottom in my wet black thong. He can’t breathe and taps but I don't accept his submission and the last couple of minutes of the video are me sitting right on his face making it clear I’m going to stay there and smother him out!

This video contains twelve sadistically applied judo submission holds and some deliciously sexy facesitting in a silky, sweaty thong.
Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 33 minutes
Size: 973 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Judo Victory  
I walk into camera shot and undress from my jeans and silky blouse. I am wearing a black bra and matching black panties and I slip my gi jacket on and then my gi pants followed by my blue belt.
The camera takes some footage of my feet with black nail polish as I slip them into a pair of black sandals to walk to the mats. My victim is waiting for me and kisses my feet as he prepares for me to beat him up. Not that he won’t resist but I am so much quicker and more skilled than him and I intend to work him over.

We grapple and I use my superior skills to get him on his back where I apply udi gatame to his left arm while kneeling over him with my foot on his other arm. I pour on the pressure and he quickly submits but I’m not ready to let him yet. I love being in control of my victim and hurting him as I feel like it so I jerk on his elbow and he moans and that sounds so nice.

I keep him in pain for a while and then jerk him over into waki gatame and lock his right elbow and wrist so I can continue torturing him. This is such a good hold to get a submission as I can create agony for him at both his wrist and elbow and that is exactly what I do.

He tries to struggle but soon stops when I crank up the pain levels. He is forced to submit a couple of times and then tries to get up with both of his arms fairly useless. As he does I strike and wrap my arms around his neck in hadaka jime and quickly tighten them until he turns purple. I threaten that I will knock him out and he tries to pull my arms away.

That just makes me tighten more and he goes even darker purple as I take him close to the edge. I talk into his ear and tell him what I am going to do to him and tighten the hold just that bit more. He immediately submits but I make him tap as well just because I like to dominate my opponent. He taps and I let him go and immediately pull him back into a tight rear headscissor.

Not exactly a judo hold but a very dominant way to keep showing him I am in charge. As I love doing, I squeeze very hard and make him give in a couple of times, dragging out his discomfort as I do. All he can do is lie there between my thighs and suffer and that is exactly how it should be!

Once again I let him go and immediately transition to a double foot choke which has him gasping straight away.

I toy with him as I gradually squeeze until he flops on the floor and then I stand over him and pose in complete victory over this poor man..............Giggle.
Price: $18.99 USD
Length: 18 minutes
Size: 512 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Judo. Panties and Stilettos  
The video starts with me putting on my gi top over a soft pair of nylon panties. Then I tie my blue belt and slip on a pair of black stilettos. I want to beat up and humiliate my victim and I point at the camera and tell him I am coming to get him.

Then I walk over to the mats and make him worship my legs and feet before we start our judo match.
I intend to punish and humiliate him so I tell him he had better not fight back too much. What a lovely thought, a man making himself ready for me to beat up!

First up I use a trusty udi gatame and pour the pressure on his elbow until he submits. Next I set him up for sankaku jime but need two or three attempts to lock the hold in position because of the size of his chest and shoulders. I tell him he will pay for that as I lock my left leg across his throat with his right arm useless above his head.

I curl my right leg around my left foot and a beautiful, fully locked sankaku results. His face turns purple as I tighten my legs and he groans as I pressure his elbow again.

A couple of quick submissions follow and then I let him free. He is immediately in trouble as I briefly get him in a hadaka jime and contemplate knocking him out.

Deciding not to, I take him down and pull his head between my thighs and tighten up into a head scissor which I punish him with before changing to a figure four with his face right in my pussy.

He suffers tormenting from me as I squeeze hard and then I decide I want to knock him out and change back into a side head scissor to get more leverage.

I love knocking a man out like this and I tease him about what is going to happen before tightening my legs ever so hard and as his face turns even more purple he slumps unconscious.

I roll him on his back and take delight in victory posing on him with my foot on his balls.

Then I move to his face and squeeze his nose between my toes as I do more perfect victory poses before picking up my stilettos, glancing down at his prone body and walking off.

Price: $16.99 USD
Length: 16 minutes
Size: 443 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
A Judo Beatup  
I come home from judo practice to find my man in our workout room in a new black gi. He asks me to have a judo match with him “now that he’s fully prepared” but I tell him I’m hot and sweaty and don’t want to.
He goes on about it so I agree as long as he will lick my very sweaty feet clean if he loses. He agrees and we get to our knees, bow and start.

I am determined to beat him up and enjoy the foot licking he will give me so I take advantage of the fact that he is not very good at judo and immediately throw him to the floor. He resists as much as he can but I am too fast and too skilled and quickly have him in udi gatame or armbar. This is a great hold for getting a submission on martial arts. A bit of pressure and you get a quick tap.

However, that is not how I play and he knows it. I love getting him in a judo lock and cranking it up to where he has to submit and then easing it slightly and keeping him there. He is in an exquisite pain and I can taunt him about how I am beating him up. With the armbar, it also weakens his arm and makes him much easier to defeat.
I hold him like this for a while and then make him submit a couple of times and then make him lick my feet. Just to dominate him I keep his arm in a bar and provide him with a little pain to help him lick my feet better.
What brilliant fun!

When I let him stop he tries to get up but I’m determined to really beat him up for preventing me having a lovely shower so I get behind him and use my training to quickly put him in hadaka jime or rear naked choke and hold him there. It is not easy for an untrained person to get out of, especially if they have a very sore arm and I have a lot of fun teasing him and taunting him as I gradually increase the pressure.

Having a man in this hold with his face turning purple and whispering sexy little taunts in his ear makes me very horny. I keep this up for a while and quickly tighten up to knock him out.

While he is out, I manoeuvre him into sankaku jime and as I start to tighten my legs and complete the hold, he starts to wake up. The poor thing has gone from the frying pan to the fire and is now being choked while I pressure his elbow too.

Then he is forced to clean my feet again and when he has done so to my satisfaction and is getting up with his mouth full of my salty, sweaty feet taste, I quickly strike and take him down in jigoku jime, beautifully named the Hell Strangle. He is completely at my mercy as I hold him in a near crucifix position while I control his breathing. Hearing him labour to breathe as I dominate him and feeling him helplessly trying to move his arms as I wrap them up makes me very, very horny.

It is such an intimate hold that I can also whisper taunts into his ear while I subjugate him. After a few minutes of keeping him stretched out and helpless I set him free so that he can finish licking every bit of salty sweat from my feet. This video ends there.

However I restart the camera and lay him out on the floor, drop my gi pants, partially untie my gi top and sit on his face in my sweaty black panties and give him a long teasing, taunting facesitting schoolgirl pin smother. The video of that will be released in a few days.

If you would like this or any of my videos on a smaller file just email me via my contact page
Price: $15.99 USD
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 441 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Judo Loudmouth Learns A Lesson  
I am doing a judo display to promote the sport and one of the public onlookers makes sarcastic comments to his friends. I call for a volunteer and point to him to come forward as I want to teach him a lesson.

We start on our knees to avoid injuring him with a throw and I quickly floor him and get him in a tate shiho gatame with his legs grapevine painfully and his arms pinned out wide. I taunt him a little and then let his arms go and assume the classic position with my hands on the floor either side of his head.

He tries to move me but cannot and is forced to submit in frustration. I let him go and he blurts you were lucky so I grab his arm and flick him into waki gatame and pour the pressure on his elbow. I ask him, "Does that hurt?" and he groans in pain. He quickly submits but I keep the pressure on as I love doing and taunt him as he suffers.

I let him free and he immediately complains that I did not give him a chance so we start again. This time he charges at me and I flip him over my hip, again from a kneeling position, and put him in Americana. I make him suffer for his rudeness and make the hold linger for two minutes as I bend his elbow and make him moan, teasing him all the time.
He absolutely submits with a useless right arm but lashes out at me with his left which I grab and put in ude gatame as I put my left leg over his chest and half mount him. He needs to learn a lesson so I cause him a lot of pain and mount him, still in the armlock, and gradually slide forward until he is nearly in a full schoolgirl pin and his arm is in a very painful position. I pin his other arm under my left foot and enjoy my very superior position as I look down into his eyes and make him submit.

He is gasping with pain as he does but I again let the hold linger as I taunt him. Once again I let him free and as I address the audience to move to the next segment he tries to attack me with his two weakened arms and I grab them and smilingly tell the audience that I just have to finish him off.

I am all over him now as I am determined to beat him and humiliate him. The ideal hold to do that is a sankaku jime and I get my legs around his head with one of his sore arms trapped and roll him around as I set the hold up. It is very uncomfortable being rolled like this with your head and arm in a scissor and being partially chocked.

I have a lot of fun doing this and exhausting him before ending up in a delicious vertical sankaku. He has to lie there half choked and half smothered with his face in my bottom. To torment him I stay like this for several minutes and keep him just conscious and taunt him. He is forced to submit twice and then I go to the ground and keeping his head locked, roll him around on the floor humiliating him before sitting back up in the sankaku.

He is well beaten now but I stay there and to make things worse for him grab his free arm and put it in a wristlock. He moans loudly again and I bend his wrist very hard and make him submit while I continue to taunt and tease him.
Eventually I get off him and tell him he can go.

As he tries to get up to walk off, I make him crawl on his hands and knees back to his mates while I giggle in the background.

Price: $16.99 USD
Length: 16 minutes
Size: 476 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
​Judo Pleasure, Pain And Pantyhose
A judogi top with sheer pantyhose and just a layer of soft white panties underneath make for a sexy judoka and a very sexy judo match.

There are lots of beautifully applied real judo holds with a sexy twist to each one.

I am feeling very aroused even before I have the pleasure of beating up my male opponent and I use every opportunity to use him for my pleasure. I start with ude hishigi hiza gatame to soften him and put him through a lingering series of submissions as I torture his arm. This makes me even hornier so I get on top of him in a tate shiho gatame which allows me to rub my pussy against his groin making us both excited.

Then to make it clear who is the superior one I add a choke and make him give in to me.

Next is waki gatame and he is flicked onto his belly and I trap his arm painfully and force more submissions. Having a big strong man submit to me so turns me on.

The action continues as I immobilise him in Americana and manoeuvre myself so my pussy rubs on his face. Mmmm. Next comes the irresistible sankaku jime where my victim is rolled around as I tighten the hold and end up with my pantyhose encased thighs around his head for some prolonged punishment with my pussy against the back of his head getting very wet!

Time for another dominant sexy hold kami shiho gatame, the judo 69. He has no choice but to lie there while I keep him pinned and use his face. A transition to a completely illegal reverse head scissor allows me to maintain the pin while I bury his face in the little gusset of my pantyhose.

After a number of submissions comes a good old ude gatame and lots of pain and humiliation for my victim. Before he can recover my legs are around his neck and he is rolled around and ends up on his back in a vertical sankaku with his face forced into my pussy.

He is smothered and strangled as I sit on his face forcing him to moan his submission. I stay there a long time as the sexual intensity increases.

He has been overwhelmed and has little left in his tank but I have not finished. A sexy ashi gatame with his arm painfully locked while I smother him with my breasts in my gi is followed by an illegal but excruciating leg lock while I tease him.

Another tate shiho gatame allows me to rub against his groin again and then grapevine his legs and sit up to increase the intensity as I sit on his groin and sexily rub up and down.

The end for him is nigh and I mount him for a judo schoolgirl pin facesit and as his nose presses into the damp gusset of my pantyhose I take his arm in udi gatame for a deliciously sexy judo sgp.

He is completely beaten and I pin his arms again and then tie his wrists with my obi and sit there with my thighs either side of his face which is now framed by my pantyhose clad pussy and legs and look into his eyes as he smothers under me.

Not the usual way to get ippon but when you are as hot and horny as I am, who cares!

Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 42 minutes
Size: 1265 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Judo Sexy Submissions
If you like a real judo match with proper, complex judo holds performed by a genuine judoka, all with a sexy twist, then you will love this video. I wear my judogi and blue belt and a pair of very sexy pink satin ballet shoes to make my victim submit with many painful judo submission holds.

And of course, as I love to do, the pressure in each hold is increased until the pain makes him tap or say, "I submit" and then I maintain the hold and keep him in pain and make him submit several times, just because I can.

I think it is very sexy to have a man at my mercy like this and to make him keep submitting at my will.
Once I have had my fill of torturing him, I am so turned on that I just have to use him. It is amazing how many judo holds allow a girl to get her victim in a sexually compromised situation and then rub her rather wet pussy over his groin or face and increase that gorgeous sexual tension.

I can also tease him by grabbing his manly bits and rubbing, stroking and teasing him through his clothes, feeling him get nice and hard and then moving to the next hold and torturing him until he submits again.  The holds I use to inflict my will on him include tate shiho gatame (very sexy), kesa gatame, kata gatame, mounted sankaku jime (Mmmm pain and choking with his face buried in my ass), kimura lock (lots of pain), various ude gatame, horizontal sankaku jime (watch the colour of his face!), kami shiho gatame (a delicious judo 69!), ushiro keza gatame, nami juji jime.

The last hold is a fantastic dominant choke hold that I use to finish him off.

Listen to his croaky voice as he submits several times before I end the bout on top of his beaten body sitting on his face in my gi getting rather turned on.
Price: $25.99 USD
Length: 44 minutes
Size: 1088 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
The Sadistic Judoka
Sadism and judo. Mmmmmmm

Use my judo skills to get him in a submission hold and then not let him submit while I keep the hold at a nice and painful level. And do this for twenty minutes!

Constantly on him, bending his limbs, squeezing his neck, bullying him with my judo skills, making him submit in pain and then not stopping. How would you go with that?

Watch me demolish a 200lb, 6ft man and make him submit over and over again. Sankaku jime, udi garame, wasi gatame, kesa gatame, kata gatame, Americana, udi gatame all done with my victim unable to move and having to submit as often as I want.

There is a gorgeous, sexy udi gatame where I am sitting on his chest and bending his arm. He submits and I get very wet and enjoy myself as he does.

There are a few different sankaku jime which is a very uncomfortable hold for the victim and his face turns various shades of red and purple as I increase the pressure and make him submit.

One sankaku has me sitting backwards on his face and he is strangled by the hold and smothered under my bottom at the same time and then I grab his free arm and put it in a very painful wristlock. His moaning underneath me is delicious and I just sit there and don't accept his submission as he moans into my pussy.
Judo is a very close and intimate sport and if the dominant fighter wants it can be very sexy and that is exactly what works here. Real judo, real judo holds with a sexy, sadistic twist to them that is a huge turn on.

Imagine yourself flat on your back with me on top of you tormenting you in a sankaku jime or triangle hold, squeezing your neck and restricting the blood to your brain while my bottom is coincidentally right on your face smothering you and I have your arm in my hands torturing your wrist. And there is nothing you can do but lie there and submit as often as I want you to. Nothing!

The whole thing is finished off when I put him in an armbar and rub his cock through his clothes while I bend his elbow.

Pleasure and pain, just as it should be!
Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 23 minutes
Size: 597 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Beaten By Lily The Judoka
I am back from a great judo practice where I used a new hold to beat a black belt and I am pumped. My man is about to go to rugby practice and jokes about how soft judo is compared to rugby.

I take my gi top off and challenge him to a quick fight before he goes and he laughs and agrees. I am mad at him and I do not give him a chance!

First into waki gatame and I make him suffer for a minute or so until I let him submit. As he tries to rise I hook his arm with my leg and put him in ashi gatame. My aim is to completely weaken his arms and shoulders so I keep this hold on and hurt his arm for more than two minutes.

We start again and I immediately grab his weakened right arm and fling him on his back then cross body pin him and move on his left arm with ude garame. As I do throughout the fight I taunt him and talk down to him as I make him groan in pain. Mmmmm. A couple of minutes of this and his left arm is very sore and not too much use as well.
In judo the lock is applied and an immediate submission is obtained but not in my judo where I want to make him realise a girl has just beaten him up. As he tries to gather his strength I grab his sore right arm, (Aah poor thing.. giggle) and drag him into sankaku jime or triangle choke and tighten my legs around his neck while working on his right arm again.

This is a beautiful hold and he turns purple as I choke and constrict his blood flow and he is in pain as I pressure his very sore right elbow. I keep this one going for around three minutes and he really suffers which makes me very wet and horny.

Once more we restart and I take advantage of his damaged arms and get him in an omoplata which provides pressure and pain in his right shoulder. This is a fairly rare hold and I make him suffer for over three minutes while I continue taunting and humiliating him.

Before he can recover he is pinned in a classic kesa gatame or scarf hold and I lie there with my face a few inches from his as I tighten my arms and he turns purple again. I also taunt him about how a girl is pinning him and then do a slow count to five to humiliate him.

This makes me so, so horny! No beating up would be complete without ude gatame and his right arm suffers again. Then back to start again and he is nearly done in so I take advantage of course and trap him in ude hishigi hiza gatame and finish off his left arm with lovely sexy pressure from my thigh. A couple of minutes of intense pain and he is finished.

But I have not and I roll him on his stomach and mount him so I can lock his spine in kazaguruma or Boston Crab. Not really done in judo but wonderfully dominant. A big man with a small woman sitting on his back bending his body.

He submits yet again for about the twentieth time and I sit and gloat beside a broken man.

To punish him further I slip my gi pants off and sit on his face and smother him and use him in the next clip - Part Two - Facesitting The Beaten Man (available here Panty Facesitting Smothering & Wrestling )

Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 27 minutes
Size: 724 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Lily the Judoka Strikes Again
I’m watching judo on TV when my man laughs at a female judoka applying various holds and getting a submission. I decide he needs to be taught a lesson and challenge him to fight me in our back room. If he wins I will wash his car and if I win he has to worship my feet. Mmmmmmmm

He doesn’t stand a chance and I beat him up and make him submit throughout whole fight. I use several versions of sankaku and take him right up to where his face turns purple and then hold him there, not letting him submit until I’m ready.  In one of them I end up with him completely immobiIised, his arm and head caught in the triangle of my legs. I’m sitting up on his head causing him great pain and smothering him with my thigh as I sit there. I certainly take my time letting him submit in this one!

Next I get him in a brilliant jigoku jime or hell strangle and really taunt him about how I could knock him out. What a wonderful looking hold this is and I hold it on him way past when I should.

A straight armbar or udi gatame brings him grief in several ways. First I make him suffer and prolong it not accepting his tapout and just keeping him on the edge for a while. Wow I love doing that, watching him lie there unable to move in case I increase the pressure. Then while he is in the armbar I make him lick my feet while I continue causing him pain.

Being dominant like that makes me hot, wet and horny. We end up with my completely beaten victim flat on his back and me sitting on his stomach leaning back on his bent legs with my sweaty, smelly feet in his face while he licks them clean and sucks on each toe to make me feel good.

It will be most interesting next time we watch judo!

This was a custom clip for a customer who loves being beaten up by a lady judoka and then worshipping her feet.
Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 23 minutes
Size: 627 MBBitrate:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Lily the Judoka Beats Him Up (and Makes Him Worship Her Feet)
It has been a while since I used judo holds to beat up my victim so I thought I would don my judogi and work him over with the intent of making him worship my feet at the end.

I know he loves my feet so I wanted to make him suffer before I let him enjoy himself.

I use lots of judo holds including a beautiful tight triangle choke that turns his face purple, several arm bars, an Americana, a scarf hold, knee arm bar, rear naked choke (which I turn into a sleeper), an illegal very tight head scissor (got to have one at least!) and a thrust choke.

As always I use the holds to take him close to submitting and then hold him there and taunt him, letting him know how I am beating him so easily and naming the hold in Japanese to show off.

He gets no time between rounds to recover and I take great joy in wiping the floor with him finishing him off at the end with Hadaka Jime which I continue until he goes to sleep.

Then I arrange him on the floor and sit on a table over him so he can worship my sweaty, smelly feet. I had worn stilettos all day and been very busy as you will be able to see before I make him lick every part of my toes and soles.

Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 34 minutes
Size: 986 MBBitrate:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720