Your fantasies on film ..... a custom video

 That girl next door, a film you've seen, a sexy judo match, a memory from the past, a sexy teacher who gave you the hots, an aunty you couldn't stop thinking about,
a babysitter, your sister's best friend, a picture you saw or a fantasy deep inside you, whatever turns you on.
If you'd love to see a video of your fantasies with perhaps facesitting, smothering, fantasy wrestling, victory posing, taunting, role playing, schoolgirl pinning, a one sided judo match, female domination, girl beating up boy or anything else, email me for a quote.
I can use your name if you like. Imagine your own video of me looking at you as I smother or torture you, telling you what I'm going to do to you.
My prices are very reasonable and I love doing all of these things so I'll make your video very, very sexy.
I can bring most fetish fantasies to life.

To have your sexy fantasy turned into an even sexier video:

Complete and submit the form below making sure you include:
  • How long you would like the clip
  • A brief plot 
  • Anything in particular I should say or do
  • What you'd like me to wear. I have access to many types of outfits
I'll have a look over your ideas and get back to you with a very reasonable price.
Once you agree to the price I'll send an invoice so you can send me your payment.
When payment is received I will make your custom clip and have it ready for you to download, usually within two weeks.
Then you can sit and enjoy a very sexy fantasy of your own making.
And I mean VERY sexy! I love the thought of turning you on.
Love, Lily  xxxxxx

Some comments from my custom video customers:

"OMG, its sooo hot! You are a Goddess! I was so turned on that I almost let it go... 
I feel like I am totally in your power ... I'll enjoy that video many, many times.
And I know I'll be coming back for more vids, because you are so divine!!!"

"Omg...Wow...amazing Lily. Everything you do is on point. And great dialogue from hats off. Also thanks for making that happen so fast."

"Omg Lily what an amazing video. I've just downloaded it. You get better and better. I'm so glad I've found you, you're making all my fantasies come true. Thank you so much. I'm already thinking about the next one. xx"

"WOW..........all I can say. That was amazing and so much more than what I could have imagined. It was perfect.......absolutely perfect. And you my dear are gorgeous."

" Hi Lily, just got it!
Wow. It was super sexy, loved every second.  Looked great doing it."

"Hi Lily, I've downloaded the video.You get more amazing each time."

"Have seen the photos and downloaded the vid. Again it is really fantastic! You look fabulous in the judo outfit"

"Hi Lily, I've downloaded it. Omg it's amazing, those golden pants made me cum. I want more of them. I'm never gonna stop watching it"

"Hi Lily, I've downloaded the video. It's fantastic as usual, thank you. xx"

"It's great, thank you so much - very happy with it. In fact I haven't been able to watch it all yet - once I've, erm, reached a point of no return I switch off to save the rest - and I haven't got past your waki gatame and ashi gatame at the beginning yet!!!!!"

I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF THE VIDEO! It's wonderful!!! Your attention to every single detail was perfect.

"It's your voice that is so sexy, and the things you say - I mean, obviously your body and face too, but it's the words that make you different from anyone else I've seen!"

"HI Lily, Oh it was definitely hot, what really get me going is the dialogue, your expressions and the visual sensation that goes with all that, You were slow and calculating. The part I really was excited about, was when you were squashing the little guy down with the pressing board. Seeing you riding and your body weight slowly squashing his body down and saying you're going to squash the life out of his little ass was perfect for the effect."
MY LOVE !!!  YOU  K I L L   ME
your video is more than PERFECT !!!!    THANK   Y O U  !!!!
I  LOVE  YOU !!!

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